Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bowling For Soup love a Geordie Mug

Bowling For Soup with their Geordie Mugs
We love Bowling for Soup (band from Texas) and they now have their own Geordie Mugs -we met the boys in Oxford last year.  Here are Jo Nick and Kip with the band and then Chris the guitarist next to his Geordie Mug - ALL REET?? 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Wine O'Clock (Oztralian wine)! LUSH

We are all partial to a glass of vino in Geordieland.  But hold ya Blue Nun - this is posh wine by a Yalumba People in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.  Sent in from Niki Stewart who was recently in Throckley visiting her Geordie family. This photo is taken in front of the Clock tower building at the front of the winery.  Must be WINE O'CLOCK THEN!!  For info wine can be drunk from Geordie Mugs (it tastes nice) and folk think ya drinking tea.
Fab photie thanks Niki!